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While methodology courses are found in many graduate programs, that practice faces challenges in the setting of an interdisciplinary studies program. Because the Center for Experimental Humanities is predicated on methodological experimentation and encourages the intermingling of methods from a diverse array of schools of thought, the traditional approach of defining a core set of methodologies is in some ways anathema to the program’s mission.

So we must ask then, “what is an interdisciplinary methodology?” This course will not seek to answer this question but persistently repose the question over the course of a semester. Rather than being taught a series of established approaches and schema, students will explore how to understand the parameters of traditional disciplinary methodologies, how to deconstruct their functions and histories, and how to rethink their application and even develop their own methodological approaches to their work.

This structure allows for a fluid investigation of the practice of research and scholarship through a process-oriented critical inquiry of a wide range of fields. Students will develop their research and composition skills across a variety of media, be exposed to different theoretical approaches to scholarship, explore practice-based experience with a range of publication formats (both digital and analog), and work towards a final research project.

Note on Course Meetings

The class will alternate between meeting in a large group, at 194 Mercer St. Room 306, and in two smaller sections, one in each of the seminar rooms located in the Center for Experimental Humanities. Sections will be determined on the first day of class.

DRAP-GA 3015
Fall 2017
Tues. 6:20–9:00 pm

194 Mercer St. Room 306
CEH seminar rooms

Prof. Kimon Keramidas
E: kimon.keramidas[at]nyu.edu
P: 212-998-3691
Office Hours: Tues 2-4

Prof. Lori Cole
E: lori.cole[at]nyu.edu
Office Hours: Tues 3-5